“Awakening” is a compilation of freely improvised solo piano pieces that I recorded of myself in September and October 2014.  It’s the first time I had touched or played the piano in more than a year since being sidelined with an unexpected life challenge.

Without premeditation, the pieces unfolded and took me back through and triumphantly out of the experience.  It was much needed music therapy for myself which I share with you now.

Recordings with veteran improviser and multi-instrumentalist Henry Kuntz:

Henry-Kuntz,-Paul-V.-Kuntz---Double-VisionLatest Recording 2015!  Double Vision is one of my favorite recordings with Henry.  As much of our approach was to play in "festival form," there still arose wonderful moments of parallels, ironies and intersections within the music.  It almost seems unavoidable every time we play together!




It had not been long after I started my documentary of Houston's Third Ward that I noticed a revival advertised on a rent-a-sign as I was driving past Second Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.  I soon made the acquaintance of Pastor Marion Reed and arranged to document the Friday night service.  What a night this was!  Soulful and heartfelt gospel music emanated throughout.  The evening culminated with a vibrantly energetic sermon by Reverend Anthony Wilcots who led the congregants into a frenzied thirst for God.  I want to thank Pastor Reed for entrusting me to capture such a personal and private event of the congregation.  I hope you enjoy these ten excerpts from the evening.